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New Style Close Up Magic

Robert Fox will walk among the guests during your event and will entertain them with his original modern illusions right in their vicinity… All invited guests will not only witness unusual illusions, but will also become an integral part of them. See TV program of CT 1 Magic in the streets I, II, III.

Whether you are planning a small training for the group of your top 20 workers, a party for 100 VIP clients, or a large corporate event for more than 500 invited guests …

Robert’s illusions will create a relaxed atmosphere of the company, private or VIP client event. It will make you to think actively. It will wake your emotions and literally turn the laws of nature upside down for you. Many of you will forget about your worries and will be only thinking of the only one thing : “How the hell is he doing that?!” During the show Robert Fox becomes an actual member of your team and you become a part of his original, unbelievable magic of the 21st century …

Amusing magic show

Warm-up show for larger audience. During this interactive, teambuilding-oriented show Robert Fox combines psychology, modern illusion, thrill, humor and above all a relaxed, action, and intelligent entertainment. Robert cooperates not only with a viewer on the stage but also with all audience that becomes a part of his modern-magic experiments….

Today you will have a unique opportunity to experience magic, to be its part. That’s what all this show is about – you, audience. So, sit back and let yourself be guided…

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Unforgettable wedding & major lifetime event

Are you getting ready for a very special and important day of your life? By choosing the right entertainment you can make sure that all your inmates will remember it for a long time.

Robert Fox is a ‚full-time professional‘ with more than twenty years of show experience at the major jubilee events. Agency or wedding coordinators book Robert months, sometimes even years in advance before the major planned life-time event, so think about booking the program at the moment you know the date of your important life event.

Shopping centres – Conferences –
Exhibitions & PR Events

Do you want your clients …
to remember your event for a long time
to remember your products
to be informed about your product and to have fun at the same time
to come back to you again?

Robert’s performance helps to break the ice among the customers at your event who do not know each other. Slowly at first and more intensively later, everybody becomes a part of Robert’s illusions, which creates a relaxed, active and entertaining atmosphere.

Robert Fox Magic in the company Robert Fox Magic in the company Robert Fox Magic in the company